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Gecko & Lavender Guest house is located in Petrus Steyn, on a quiet little town in the middle of the Free State.

Two guest houses are available, both fully furnished with exclusive luxury in style with the classic building style and relaxed pace of the surroundings.

These houses were built in the late 1800's and recently refurbished to its original style, with a luxurious finishing inside to give you that calm and relaxed holiday you have been waiting for.


Build in the late 1800's, this contextual sandstone style house was not only the popular style because of the available materials in the area, it was also the popular style of the time in the area.

The 'brick' used for the walls was anything from 400mm to 2000mm in length and in most places 200mm to 400mm thick, which makes for an extremely durable structure.

This popular style can be compared to the Imperial styles of the 1930's or the neo-modernism styles of today.

sandstone house

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